Sellaucha, it's travel, portrait, colors.
 Illustrations for home!

Your walls deserve better than white ! They are the cocoon in which you live, they are the reflection of your personality, they are the expression of your passions.

Imagine that you can decorate them with unique and personalized design? What would you choose? The pictures of your children, your family, your best holiday memories or the city you love, they all now become colored posters and decorative cards. With Sellaucha, you can create a wall decor that you like. I work from your photos, the colors you have chosen, and I add my touch of sweetness and poetry.

And Sellaucha is also an online store, at Etsy!

Want a multi-colored watercolor world map, a unique Harry Potter poster, a New York art print or an artwork from Amsterdam? My Etsy shop is an invitation to travel. You can order online a selection of posters and illustrations, made of urban landscapes and portraits. Look, there's even a lion hiding there ... Will you find him ?

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Sellaucha's illustrations are available in differents sizes

10 x 15 cm : 2,50 €
13 x 18 cm : 4,50 €
21 x 29,7 cm : 9,00 €

All illustrations are printed on glossy photo paper 230 g / m².
They are shipped in a cardboard envelope, protecting the prints. (delivery rate from € 2.50)

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You also can personalize your posters and decorative cards Sellaucha: your phot become watercolor ! Send me a message through the contact form of the site. We will define together the format, as well as desired colors and prices. Your poster will be unique, colorful and personalized!

It is a perfect and touching gifts friends and family. Imagine the portrait of your children, your holiday photos, your best customized memories and and how your loved ones will react...

Dare! Dress your walls in Sellaucha!


Sellaucha en images

Come, and see my Sellaucha posters in their environnement

See realisations and printings


What is Sellaucha ?

Did you already think, when you came back from a trip : 'What a beautiful picture I took, I wish I could make a poster of it...'  Sellaucha, too.

Did you already think :  'I can't find a red poster, to on the wall close to my bed !'.. Sellaucha, too.

Sellaucha began with all this questions.
And, on day, I got ill, because of the flu. I had to kill germs, and time. So I started to draw with my computer, watching Netflix and recovering. Some time later (a lot of time, by the way), I made illustrations, with my most beautiful travel memories, and now, I share my work with you.
Sellaucha, it's me !

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